The 5000 Days Project

Learn More about 5000 Days: ListenSocrates said, KNOW THYSELF. By asking challenging questions of themselves on a regular basis—especially at the least self-aware period of their lives—children can gain self knowledge and perspective.

My VideoDiary - Make the Movie of Your LifeThe 5000 Days Project is a personal time capsule for children 5-18, made up of annual interviews and video footage that capture children’s views of themselves and their world. The project has a Private Face and a Public Face. Currently, the 5000 Days Project involves hundreds of kids in nine countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Germany, and Cambodia). Within the coming year, we hope to open up the project to another 200 children and, eventually, any child who might wish to become involved. If you would like to be kept informed or be considered for a spot, please contact us.